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When Mitsunari Meets The Sims
Mitsunari hobbled out of the room. He could still feel the pain stinging on his behind…although he can't deny that that was one of the best all-nighter he's had with Ieyasu.
…He can do without the headache and backache, though.
He trudged into the living room, downing more painkillers than he probably should to find his boyfriend seated in front of his trusty yellow MIKAWA laptop (will he ever change? By God.), eyes fixated on the screen.
"What are you doing?" Mitsunari queried. A closer look at the screen and he could see people…resembling him and Ieyasu..?
With kids?
He was rendered speechless. "…Who..?"
"Oh, you're awake?" Ieyasu grinned sheepishly. "This…well, I wanted to tell you, but now that the cat's out of the bag, I'll just get on with it. So, this is called The Sims, alright? You can make avatars that look like you, and you can go to work, have kids, and much more! Here, let me teach you…"
After the short tutorial, Mitsunari stared at the
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 2 2
Perils of Lack Of Fanservice
…"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Mitsunari screamed. "ENOUGH I TELL YOU!" he flipped the table, knocking the laptop off to the ground, right in time for Ieyasu to march in.
"Mitsunariiiii! That was my new MIKAWA laptop!!" Ieyasu screamed, rushing over to his laptop and petting it, as if it can bring said thing back to life.
"Look at the kink meme. Everywhere, everywhere, we have that One-Eyed Dragon slash the Young Tiger of Kai, or The Dragon's Right Eye and his lord. WHERE IS THE FILL FOR US??" Mitsunari flipped the table a second time, Ieyasu barely managing to dodge.
"Well… Our hints only appear in the game…there's not much we can do." Ieyasu shrugged. "And please stop flipping tables- I can't afford to buy us a new one!" He pouted.
"Screw the table I WANT A FILL OF US!"
"Now now, Mitsunari, stop complaining." Ieyasu said, moving closer to his boyfriend and hugging him, before using a sultry voice that always made Mitsunari weak in the knees. "If you want a fill of us so badly
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 3 3
Childplay Catastrophe
Childplay Catastrophe
Shizuo can't believe this- this bizarre situation he was in.
He grunted as he could feel his left foot, jammed in the tight gap between platforms, his body, torso down, stuck in a plastic tunnel.
He can't believe he just got stuck in a children's playset.
Izaya was laughing cheerfully at Shizuo's rather...hilarious predicament. "Aw, someone didn't have a happy childhood~!"
That is, until Shizuo gingerly reminded him of his own. "Says the flea who has his lower body now stuck in a slide."
Izaya merely huffed at it. "Hey, I wasn't the one who chased us here!"
It was true to an extent. It had been one of their usual run-ins- Shizuo snarling and chasing after the flea, while Izaya laughed and hopped across town.
It just so happened that today, they ran into a playground, up a children's playset- and Shizuo had his left foot jammed and made him fall unceremoniously onto the platform. He tried to scrabble after Izaya as he ducked into the tunnel by forcing his way in- t
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 5 5
Of Carousels and Ferris Wheels
A/N: Done for Evil-Weevil's 200-point-contest-thing. XD I hope you like it!
Oh. My. God.
How did this happen? Why did this happen?
Why is it happening to me?
Raivis Galante, the Latvian student of World Academy W, screamed inside.
A quick glance at the current situation, and everyone won't think much about it. It's just a boy and a girl in an amusement park.
For aforementioned boy (read: Raivis), this is a big problem.
Especially if said girl is your crush since the beginning of the school year.
Raivis Galante would always remember that day. The principal was giving the usual welcome speech, and damn if it wasn't boring. The fact that his best friend Peter Kirkland was sleeping beside him doesn't help either. The boy'd always been noisy, and he'd always hated that, but boy did he wish Peter would start talking, because he himself would make a stop at dreamland too if he didn't.
And then he looked left-
-and his heart skipped a beat.
There, to his left, was a blonde girl.
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 10 4
Elevator Memories PhoenixMiles
Title: Elevator Memories
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Genre: Genfic, slight romance
Rating: E for Everyone, people.
Characters/Pairings: Phoenix Wright (Naruhodo Ryuichi), Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji), slight VERY slight you-have-to-squint-and-do-fifty-spins NaruMitsu/ Phoenix/Miles.
Summary: It's December the 28th- the day the DL-6 Incident happened- and the stairs in the court building is under repair. Miles is now left to gawk in disbelief at his luck- or rather, the lack of it- and at the menacing metal box in front of him.
Notes: Originally started from a mini-fic on Twitter that I wrote for . Then it became a small drabble and now it's here. The mini-131 character yes I counted shut up fic that started this all:
“It’s just a few floors up. Relax.” Phoenix’s hand clasps over his, and suddenly, the elevator ride doesn’t seem so scary anymore.
That aside, enjoy. <3
Damn it, damn it, d
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 14 23
Day of A New Beginning
Title: Day of A New Beginning
Fandom: Durarara!!
Genre: Romance, fluff
Rating: PG13 for a few kisses here and there
Characters/Pairings: Masaomi, Mikado, cameos of Anri, Shinra, Celty, Dotachin's gang, Shizuo, Izaya, MasaomixMikado, implied Shizuo/Izaya
Summary: Masaomi and Mikado are finally getting married- and they're both very happy about it. A short story of Masaomi's proposal up to the moment they're finally married.
Notes: My first-ever fill on the kink meme! Prompt was from Part 7 of the DRRR!! kink meme:
"Kida/Mikado- Going to the chapel and were gonna get marrrieeeddd~"
Day of A New Beginning
It’s today.
The day that he’s been waiting for- no scratch that, the day they’ve been waiting for.
The very day that both Masaomi Kida and Mikado Ryuugamine have been waiting for.
Today, they’re finally going to get married.
Masaomi remembered how it all happened- Masaomi cooked Mikado a n
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 3 3
White Christmas USUK
Summary: Arthur Kirkland is the head of The World Academy student council. Apparently, he has successfully made five vice student council heads retire because all of them can't stand his attitude. Enter Alfred F Jones, the new student soon-to-be vice. Oh, student council is never going to be the same again for Arthur...
My first ever X-mas fiiiiccc. This is a gift for hinatasakura   on LiveJournal, as part of the USUK 2010 Secret Santa exchange. Another Gakeun AU just cause I can. Enjoy folks!
It was a usual day in the World Academy High Student Council office, with their secretary the sophomore Angelique Duquaine and their treasurer Francis Bonnefoy lounging about on the bean bag plush chair scattered around the office. The chairs actually was an oddball contrasted to the prim, luxurious office itself, its bright, cheerful colors contrasting with the deep, royal color scheme the office had. Which was one reason why the student council head didn't allow them there in t
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 40 45
Fanfiction Meme by Sparkly-piyo21 Fanfiction Meme :iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 0 3
My Emerald-Eyed Hope
This is a sequel to 'The Violin Player'. You can read this first, but there would be major spoilers for the other fic. Link to the previous one is in the Artist's Comments. I kept the details of the fic vague for the first instalment on purpose, so reading this one would be a bit more enjoyable since this is like from another person's point of view. Ah, what am I saying- screw this, just read the first one already. Don't bother trying to read this one if you haven't read the first instalment.
Disclaimer:  Characters do not belong to me, and they never have been. It applies to this fic's prequel, too.
This place is so not cool. I mean what do we have to do in here? No running down the halls, and worse of all, no leaving the room! Hospitals are boring! And don't get me started on those never-ending shots!
I never wanted to be here in the first place. I had a concert coming up! You see, I'm a violinist. I love violins! Even if Ivan said they were for sissies. S
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 15 41
To You On The Other Side
Author's Note: Hi. Sorry for those watching me and thinking this is Hetalia fanfiction. This isn't. And is definitely NOT my sequel to my Serendipity series. This is, well... just something I wrote to clear up my mind. And because I miss my friend. So I'm sorry- Hetalia fics would have to wait.
Inspired by the Kagamine twins- again. Enjoy nevertheless.
It's always been like that, hasn't it.
I see you standing there, just in front of me... yet separated by a mirror. No, not a glass pane. A mirror.
I know it sounds weird- why a mirror? Because we're identical. You're my mirror image. Every part of you is mine. Your world, it has the same sky as mine. The same scenery, the same sun, moon and other stellar objects you can think of. But as similar as your world is to mine, one thing destroys the symmetry of it all.
Your side of the mirror would never have me in it.
No matter how hard you look at it, admit it, I was never in it. To begin with, we
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 0 9
Serendipity: The Violin Player
Summary: Two boys, two different tales, yet the one same world. What happens when their separate world gets tied together by mere violin strings? Serendipity has never taken a better meaning. Part 1 of the Serendipity series.
A/N: Hello everyone, your moron writer is ba~ack! -brick'd by readers-
Ahem. Anyway, this story is... another USUK... sorry everyone I love you I really do but this is my OTP.. I can't get it out of my system!!! -shrieks-
Anyway, this story is written in... guess who's POV this is~ it's only got Alfred and Arthur as a character!
And this is an AU, a human AU. Just because I love AUs.
It's funny how a room with white white walls can be so dark and gloomy. I sighed- that does seem like the only relief available right now, for really, the bleakness of it all was choking me, blocking my air passages. Well, not that it mattered to me- I'm going to leave this room forever soon, I won't have to see it anymore. Now that I think of it, why not see what's outside t
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 19 32
Miracle Of the Heart USUK
Summary: Another Vocaloid songfic- a combination of both "Kokoro" and "Kokoro/Kiseki" by the lovely Kagamine twins, Rin and Len! Human AU. Alfred is a young scientist who created an android- Arthur Kirkland. But there was one problem with the android. Sure, it was high-tech, it was durable, it was intelligent. But it had no heart. Crestfallen, Alfred tries to make a 'heart' for Arthur. But what was the reason to Arthur's existence in the first place? Is it someone...similar? And will Alfred succeed in making Arthur a heart?
This font symbolizes lyrics. This font is for thoughts. And if I do [this], they're flashbacks, while "this" would be the other Arthur speaking. Why there are two, you'll know if you read. And the translation for lyrics will be in the brackets below them. I'm only loosely basing the story on the lyrics, so don't expect an exact storyline like the song. And I will only use chunks of the lyrics, since I'm trying a new style on songfics that
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 30 51
A Summer Night's Romance USUK
--A/N: Hello hello~ I remembered a story  my muse told me. I loved the story a lot... And then I got inspired to make this. This fiction is a gift-fic for MDOffRed-MadeByMade as thanks for making me a USUK fic! Oh, and the amusement park in here is purely fictional- I am using a lot of other amusement parks for reference, so don't get your panties in a bunch thinking "Have I went there before?" or "I've never heard of the park..."
Many thanks to my dearest muse GoldieAuvs, without you this story wouldn't have existed! And for the rest of you out there.... Visit her profile, I tell you that! She's got great artwork!
Enough rambling, enjoy! ....sorry if I fail.... Italics are thoughts by the way.
This is set in the Gakuen Hetalia AU.
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
"Oh God, when will this ever end..." Whispers can be heard throughout the classroom, all impatient
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 37 43
Curiosity Kills The Cat USUK
--A/N: Hi, I'm back! Well, I was listening to this song, and I really thought the lyrics would match America... It's such a sweet song, go listen if you haven't! This font is either flashback or musing, and this font would be the lyrics Arthur was singing.
The song is "Learn To Be Lonely", from the opera "The Phantom Of The Opera". I own nothing but the plot. Read on and enjoy!
It was another night in the Kirkland household. Apparently, Arthur Kirkland, the nation of England, had recently gained custody of a new colony he and France found wandering around the fields; America, or Alfred F Jones. He and France had fought over ownership of the young boy, and England was rather sure France would get him, after Francis tried to persuade him with his cooking, which was obviously better than England's. (Come on people, you know what I'm talking about here! Otherwise he wouldn't have been the cook in the Hell of Grandpa Rome's "Heaven and Hell" right?) He was about to give up
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 19 21
Love Knows No Boundaries USUK
--A/N: Hi, Sparkly-piyo21 here! Well, I know I've been spamming you guys with that sad AmeriCan series, with another sad USUK as the side story… So I decided to write a happy USUK for y'all! I know it isn't Valentine's day… but then I saw that picture by luvpixel and I knew I had to write a story out of it…
Picture does not belong to me. Happy (very very belated) Valentine's Day for y'all! (sniff, don't kill me, I know it's late!)
It was another chaotic day in the meeting room. Apparently, Francis has decided to go on a molesting rampage. And he had chosen poor Lovino as his victim. Lovino, being…well, Lovino, responded with a string of curses, trying to avoid Francis' touches.
"Oi, get off me, you pervert! Antonio, save me, chigi!" Lovino shouted, and slapped his hands over his mouth as he realized what he just said.
"Oh, calling for your boyfriend now, are we?
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 14 25
Unvoiced Apologies USUK
--A/N: Those who got here AND haven't read the previous two stories, "Shattered Hopes" and "Wishes In A Bottle", turn back and read! Or you'll be confused. Very. Links are at the bottom of the page.
This is pretty much a side story to the series. And pretty much concludes the series, I'll be spamming you guys no more with this sad series, don't worry.  Set in the same time as "Wishes in A Bottle." And this story is in Arthur's point of view! Based on Sweetbox's song  "Sorry", I picked up some (most) of the song lines.
Warning: Possible (major) OOC-ness, lameness. And ONESIDED USUK. (Sorry USUK fans. Angry fans: -pelts author with junk-)
This font is lyrics, this font is the story,  this font is somewhat like musing, flashback or of-the-sort. You get the idea.
So let's get to it and I'll stop rambling, kay?
"...I want Matthew."
"Fine, I'll
:iconsparkly-piyo21:Sparkly-piyo21 10 44
These are the fictions I write.

I do write original fiction too- though they are in a separate folder! I hope you enjoy both types of my fiction ^^

Random Favourites

Gentle smile by atds0724 Gentle smile :iconatds0724:atds0724 67 12 APH: Happy 4th of July Alfred by ArachiKaZe APH: Happy 4th of July Alfred :iconarachikaze:ArachiKaZe 463 141 USUK - Bon Appetit by Vaindelled USUK - Bon Appetit :iconvaindelled:Vaindelled 1,302 157 Love Coalition : Kiss by Lul-lulla Love Coalition : Kiss :iconlul-lulla:Lul-lulla 400 23 APH: Love Coalition by Junez-chan APH: Love Coalition :iconjunez-chan:Junez-chan 868 159
She came here every Saturday, without fail. Central Park was always busy; full of people, full of life. The young woman would sit for hours – she never wore a watch; there was nowhere she needed to be. But there was always a sense about her, a gleam of something in her azure eyes, something that called for a different place, a different time.
The buskers were out again today, Rin mused. Groups of them always clumped together, spending their lives playing for a few extra dollars. And yet, they lived their lives following their dream. Families walked arm-in-arm, eating ice-cream and laughing while couples sipped coffee and shared croissants. All of them wore a smile (she ignored the grouchy old business men and flustered school girls who were late for a date who only passed by, never pausing) – they were all spending their irretrievable time doing what they loved.
She'd like to say that it was her job as a lifestyle columnist that brought her here. Every so often, the bl
:iconnikki-kuznetsov:Nikki-Kuznetsov 3 8
Rin and Len -Love- by Azelilia Rin and Len -Love- :iconazelilia:Azelilia 2,174 210 VOCALOID LUKA-Sing In English by Toyama-kun VOCALOID LUKA-Sing In English :icontoyama-kun:Toyama-kun 302 60 kokoro-kagamine by dorset kokoro-kagamine :icondorset:dorset 1,491 80 +Kokoro-Kiseki+ by Kai-dono +Kokoro-Kiseki+ :iconkai-dono:Kai-dono 332 96 Hetalia Doujinshi - Promise by sawamura-sama Hetalia Doujinshi - Promise :iconsawamura-sama:sawamura-sama 727 164 Hetalia: german w-nk by carichan Hetalia: german w-nk :iconcarichan:carichan 1,890 186 Hetalia: austrian f-cking by carichan Hetalia: austrian f-cking :iconcarichan:carichan 3,074 683 Vulpix FLELE shell by ShinyVulpix Vulpix FLELE shell :iconshinyvulpix:ShinyVulpix 205 67 USUK- set the ray to jerry by hakuku USUK- set the ray to jerry :iconhakuku:hakuku 2,177 165
Check all the works here- these artists and authors are all wonderful people! Have a peek at their works here!



Saki here-- known here previously as Icy.

I guess this account has been abandoned for quite a while-- maybe I'll abandon it forever.

I just don't feel like writing anymore.

So yeah, for the few readers I have, thanks a lot for reading my works.

Feel free to unwatch me if you'd like-- don't expect new works, there will be none.

Maybe I'll write again someday, but I don't know.

I'll just leave this acc here, so I can still comment and look at other people's work.

Once agian, thanks for reading my works.
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fifteen year old fanfiction writer.

interested in animangame. I write for a lot of fandoms, and I don't write much.
only when I feel like it.

as I have mentioned in my last (maybe final) journal update, as of date, I don't write anymore.

So really, this is just an inactive account now.

Enjoy your stay here nevertheless.



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